360º RGBD Footage in Unity

For those of you who are interested in using RGBD material in Unity or viewing some of our more recent 360º captures, here is a tutorial we made for our recent installation at SXSW for Microsoft.

 At the StreamMeUp space station, visitors had six seconds to act out a "Vine for aliens", that is a transmission that would be sent to other planets. Viewers were then able to follow that transmission as it teleported them to other worlds through the Oculus Rift.

Read more about Stream Me Up here.

We also collected the raw data that the 3D scanners for the teleporter captured. We are now releasing that data for people to play with in Unity3D and deploy to many platforms including Windows, OS X, Windows Phone or iOS.
Download the Unity package.
Don't have your own data but still want to try? Download the test sequence.  
PDF version of these instructions.