Visual Effects Director / Cinematography

LOVE CHILD 사이버 사랑 is a documentary film made by Valerie Veatch about Internet policy development. Centered in South Korea - the world's most wired nation - Love Child follows the story of the first case where "Internet addiction" was cited as a mental illness defense and looks at today's Korean gaming culture in search of harmony in an increasingly immersive media environment, where virtual is the new reality.

I spent two weeks filming in South Korea visiting immersive gaming environments and internet cafes, interviewing game designers and filming city life in and around Seoul. I also made a series of DepthKit sequences made to illustrate the complicated convergence of real & virtual worlds.

Love Child premiered at Sundance Film Festival in 2014 & airs on HBO starting July 2014. The visual design was created in collaboration with Ryan Whittier-Hale. 

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