Alexander Porter speaks in the third person when writing bios. He considers himself an experimental photographer. He combines an appreciation for traditional photography with emerging computational photography and 'reality capture' techniques.

He is the co-founder of DepthKit, a company creating software that enables filmmakers to create volumetric and virtual reality films. He has been facilitating access to this technique by teaching workshops internationally, designing open source tools for public engagement, and creating experimental films and installations.

Alexander's work has taken him from photographing politicians and celebrities, to Greece as an archeological photographer investigating the minute surfaces of artifacts, to South Korea as a documentary cinematographer investigating the role of video games in the lives of one of the most wired societies on earth.

Alexander a founding partner and former creative director at Scatter, a design studio pursuing the application of photography & interactivity towards immersive stories. Scatter (formerly Specular) was an inaugural member of New Museum's NEW INC, the first museum-led incubator & maintains a studio in Brooklyn. 

Alexander runs workshops and classes including most recently a photogrammetry workshop called Exquisite Cities in Belgrade, an ongoing course called Computational Portraiture at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, The Camera of The Future at the Museum of Art & Design & various DepthKit Workshops.

Above are sketches – works in progress for projects that may or may not ever be born. They're from my Flickr.

For recent commercial & educational work please see my design studio Scatter or technology company DepthKit.

For images from recent personal experiments, art projects & research see my Flickr, for loopy groupings of images see my Pinterest.

To get in touch, email me.